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Below are all the services I offer for teachers trying to transition out of the classroom or for anyone looking to enter the instructional design field.

All sessions are the same investment:

  • $35 for a 30 minute session

  • $70 for a 60 minute session

All sessions also include an optional follow up session of 10-15 minutes, as well as general support through email and text.

If you're interested in booking a session with me, please submit a message at the bottom of the page, through my contact page, or email me directly at and I'll be happy to schedule a time with you!



Are you getting ready for your first instructional design or non-teaching interview? We'll go over common interview questions, figure out your best approach, and talk interview best practices!

Career Exploration

When you're leaving the classroom it can be really overwhelming to figure out what's next! Let's get together to talk about your strengths, weaknesses, ideal job situation, and more, and I can help you focus your job search on the best career for you.

Resume and Cover Letter Critique

Let's take an in-depth look at your resume and cover letter and see how we can make the best possible version for you!

Note: This is not a complete resume re-write.

LinkedIn Optimization

Networking is key to your career, so let's take a look at that LinkedIn profile and optimize it so you're getting the best networking experience! We'll also talk growing your network, making meaningful connections, and LinkedIn best practices.

Portfolio Critique and/or Brainstorm

If you're struggling with your instructional design portfolio, let's talk about it! We can review the materials already in your portfolio, or if you're just getting started, I can help you brainstorm some ideas.

Coffee Chat

I offer general, free coffee chats for anyone interested in learning more about instructional design or leaving the classroom. Check out my available coffee chat sessions here.


Ready to schedule a service with me? Get in touch and we can schedule a date/time that works for you!

Thanks for submitting!
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