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I'm Erin! I'm an Instructional Designer specializing in Higher Education, with a passion for life-long learning. Click below to learn more about me, my work, and what we can accomplish together.

Are you...

A small-business owner?

Your learning and educational needs are as unique as your business, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution! 


I'm here to help with training materials, presentations, employee onboarding, client-facing educational materials, or whatever else your business needs to thrive.


An educator?

If you're an educator and don't have regular access to an instructional designer through your school system, or very little tech support - let's chat about how I can help you, your classroom, and your students! I specialize in international education settings, but am happy to meet with all educators!


A non-profit organization?

Non-profits are unique organizations with a wide range of learning needs. I'm passionate about helping my community and improving the world, so let me help you figure out how to meet your education goals.


A transitioning teacher?

I offer coaching sessions for people who want to learn more about instructional design, specializing in teachers who are transitioning into ID work! I can help you figure out job postings, give your resume a makeover, practice interview questions, and more!

Like what you see?

Are you ready to discuss your learning needs and how we can work together to achieve them?

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